Business directory

Here are a few businesses that are based in the Parish – please support them if you can! (and let us know who we’ve missed out)

Wup Doodle, CNC wood machining  (01359) 254001 – Wup Doodle
Lynton Bates Cars, quality cars and commercials  (01359) 253678 – Lynton Bate Cars
Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy, canine hydrotherapy and animal rehabilitation  (01359) 250310 – Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy
Dressed to the Nines, bespoke curtains, blinds and cushions 07711 288449   – Dressed to the nines
Just a Small Thing, IT Support & Web Hosting and Design (01359) 250594 – Just a Small Thing
Ling’s Meadow (01359) 250594 – Ling’s Meadow (Camping&Glamping) or Ling’s Meadow (Alpaca Walks)