Cafe de Paris comes to Hepworth!

Who would guess? That on Saturday 11th November, as you happened to drive, ride or walk along The Street in Hepworth, turn into Church Lane, 200 yards further and a turn to the left, it would take you to petite France!

Apart from Lanterns to welcome you in the car park, there were few clues as to what would transform and transpire that evening. The first clue was apparent as the doors were opened – there, lit up splendidly, was the Eiffel Tower! A visual French theme continued, with flags and candles in bottles and, in no time, tables laden with wine! Lots of French looking people including ‘famous’ artists, a few Rene’s thrown in (for those of you that remember ‘Allo,’ Allo,), many striped bretons and berets and some Parisian looking ladies.

Our stars of the evening were two wonderful accordion players Mark and Danny who are part of an ensemble of players called Stanton Musicians. Therefore in addition to a visual delight a superb auditory experience enhanced the whole evening. . Visual and Auditory senses satisfied, the gustatory senses were tickled with a wonderful variety of French food – a BIG thank you to a happy band of volunteers who cooked and delivered the delicious cuisine. A BIG thank you also to everyone who supported the event in every way – organisers, entertainers and most important of all our supporting visitors who entered into the French spirit!
A French Quiz, Treasure Hunt and Fancy Dress award rounded off the evening.
Lots of happy faces and lots of French sounding – well almost – conversations.