Hepworth Lottery – Jan, Feb, March & April 2019

Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
12/01/19 Poplars Ingham Butchers House
19/01/19 Roberts 17 The Street 33 Church Close
26/01/19 Randall H.Shelley 17 The Street
02/02/19 7 Church Close Autumn Cottage Grove House
09/02/19 Thompson 29 Church Close Butchers House
16/02/19 17 The Street Poplars Ingham
23/02/19 10 Church Close 22 Church Close Roberts
02/03/19 Tina Adrian Corringway
09/03/19 Sarah 17 The Street 27 The Street M.Allen
16/03/19 Roberts 12 The Street 20 Church Close
23/03/19 Stone Cott.
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Letter from Reverend Barclay

June 2019

Growth and transformation in Spring

As I write this, Spring-time is in full swing! And I never cease to have a tremendous sense of pleasure and privilege, living and working in Suffolk at this time of the year; all around us is an increasing volume, variety and vitality of new life- in the hedgerows and fields, and on the trees and in our wonderful sky which changes so beautifully in the east anglian light during the morning, noon and evening.… Read the whole story