Hepworth Art Club began as a very small seed of an idea in June 2010. It started with half a dozen people. We have grown!

The club is run on an informal basis in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. It is for people who share an interest in art and painting – no matter how experienced or inexperienced. We meet every Monday from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm at Hepworth Pavilion, Church Lane. Being able to have time and space to discover our hidden talents is a wonderful way to start the week! The programme is planned during our quarterly review sessions and the end result usually means we have at least one guest tutor (funds permitting), an occasional tuitional DVD and a special subject/different art media each Monday.

Contact: Wendy Summerell 01359 251852 or wendy.summerell@btinternet.com

Recent News

Jane Beaumont Art Exhibition

Hepworth Art Club

Where did the year go? Now in the art club’s last quarter of the year, a lot has happened. A few of us have had personal changes and challenges and have been supported throughout by thoughtful, sensitive and supportive group … Read More

Hepworth Village Art Exhibition

HEPWORTH ART EXHIBITION 5th and 6th October (10.30-4.30) The Pavilion, Church Lane, Hepworth We all very much look forward to welcoming you to our annual Exhibition. It’s the highlight of our year to be able to share with you some … Read More

Hepworth Art News – February 2019

After all the festive action of December, on 7th January, the art club resumed. We had a gentle morning easing ourselves back into painting mode. It didn’t take long though (after a good deal of catching up with news), before … Read More

Hepworth Art News – December 2018

Despite a rainy Saturday, we had over a hundred visitors to our Art Exhibition. Sunday was sunnier and many more visitors arrived from near and far to view our year’s artwork. A very big thank you to all our visitors … Read More

Hepworth Art – August & September 2018

On the first Monday in August our topic was ‘Stunning Sunsets and Beautiful Skies’ and there were plenty of them! Other challenges during August included Windmills and Watermills and a cryptic ‘Feeling Blue’ completed our August sessions. Quite a variety … Read More

Hepworth Art – June & July 2018

Full of variety, we have all enjoyed our ‘Painting Mondays’ during this wonderful summer weather. Earlier on we were delighted to welcome Catherine Bremner who is a very talented local artist. Catherine provided a tutorial on painting clouds and foregrounds. … Read More

Jane Beaumont Exhibition

Featuring the work of local Artist Jane Beaumont, this exhibition will be open 1000-1600 on the 28th and 29th of September at Hall Barn, The Street, Hepworth. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hepworth Art News – April 2018

Since our last news update a lot has happened. Not sure why this should sound funny but after painting fire during the second session in January, the following Monday we were painting all things Scottish! In our own creative way, … Read More

Hepworth Art News – February 2018

We completed our year on a high note with an interesting December session where we painted each other! I hasten to add – on paper. There might have been some interesting reactions had we all emerged multi-coloured! An art Christmas … Read More

Hepworth Art News – December 2017

We chose a blustery weekend for an art exhibition! Despite a few hiccups, which hopefully nobody noticed, we had an enjoyable two days. Our first ‘THANK YOU’ goes to all our visitors – from near and far. You make all … Read More