Hepworth Art News – April 2018

Since our last news update a lot has happened. Not sure why this should sound funny but after painting fire during the second session in January, the following Monday we were painting all things Scottish! In our own creative way, we celebrated Burns Night by painting Dancers and Bagpipes and the occasional thistle and Highland landscape.
A mystery session the following week proved to be successful even though no-one knew what they were painting! Each member had a small square from a Renoir painting and a much larger blank square of watercolour paper. We had to replicate exactly what we saw on the small square. An interesting and challenging exercise on painting what you see and not what you think you see! Here is the result, though not in technicolour (approx. 2ft x 4ft).
We plan to display this during our Autumn Exhibition which has just been fixed as 6/7th October. We shall look forward to seeing you there.
Other topics included a view through a window, Dogs (for the Chinese New Year of the Dog, Shadows, city life and many others. Adrian Rumbles, a local artist, provided a session by playing scenes of Spring and Summer – and using our senses, we had to select from an ever changing loop of pictures an image to reproduce – which we all found extremely challenging!
We are always pleased to welcome new members, but because we are full,we shall now be logging these and putting names on a ‘waiting list’.