Hepworth Art News – December 2017

We chose a blustery weekend for an art exhibition! Despite a few hiccups, which hopefully nobody noticed, we had an enjoyable two days. Our first ‘THANK YOU’ goes to all our visitors – from near and far. You make all the hard work that goes into putting on an exhibition so worthwhile. As you will have seen, we enjoy painting very much and when visitors come to see our artwork (and make such positive comments), it truly is the icing on the cake!

Second ‘Thank you’ is to art club members and their partners/spouses for the huge amount of hard work and support. Cakes, picture hanging, marquee erecting – multi-tasking in action! A brilliant team of people who work together and plug gaps instinctively to make it all come together. Governments would do well to come along and observe – and dare I say it – learn some lessons!! Our third ‘Thank you’ is to The Samaritans who stepped into the breach and lent us a gazebo when our large marquee was destroyed by overnight winds – particularly upsetting as one of our members had kindly loaned it.

As 2017 draws to a close, in a painterly way, we have sailed down Canals, waterways and rivers and painted Still Life apples with the help of Fiona Meldrum who facilitated a fascinating session which began with a presentation about Cezanne and in particular his still life apples. Further treats included clouds, trees and winter landscapes. On that note, from everyone at Hepworth Art, we wish you all the joys of the festive season and a Happy and Healthy 2018.

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