Hepworth Art – June & July 2018

Full of variety, we have all enjoyed our ‘Painting Mondays’ during this wonderful summer weather. Earlier on we were delighted to welcome Catherine Bremner who is a very talented local artist. Catherine provided a tutorial on painting clouds and foregrounds. Very much inspired, we have invited her back! Our sessions have also included Birds of the Shoreline, Drawing and Painting People (made easy!) and Colours of India. On the last Monday in June, at last we made it outside! Most of our previous outside arrangements have resulted in rain stopping play! We had an absolutely glorious day at Ling’s Meadow matched by Kath and Neel’s warm and sunny welcome. Some of the resulting artwork will be on display at our next exhibition in October.

At the Exhibition you will almost certainly see a whole ‘flock’ of Sunflowers as well. Jan Shadbolt, one of Hepworth Art Club members, tutored a Still Life session of Sunflowers using soft pastels. To many of us, this was a new medium and Jan coached and cajoled and the results surprised us all. If you would like to preview our Sunflowers, visit Hepworth Art facebook page where you will see some of our artwork.

Our Art Exhibition (6/7 th October) is a special time for us when we gain enormous pleasure sharing with you the artwork we have produced throughout the year. There will be over 100 paintings and, to go with them, some delicious refreshments.. Again, we shall have the usual ‘Squares’ Draw where you could win an original painting for just £1! The popular Children’s Creativity Corner/space will again feature this year plus a little ‘arty’ quiz that requires observation skills only!

October 7th is nationally designated as ‘Silver Sunday’ – a special day to celebrate our super silver senior citizens. We would be delighted if our Hepworth Silver generation could come along and share with us an hour or two; enjoy some refreshments and take time to talk to friends, neighbours and members of the art club.

Please let me know if you would like to come but need transport. We will be happy to collect you and take you home again.


Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October (1030 – 1630)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wendy Summerell wendy.summerell@btinternet.com Tel: 01359 251852