On Days like These

(On days like these, when skies are blue and fields are green)

On 23th/24th June with some trepidation, the members of Hepworth2Enjoy launched the inaugural Hepworth Scarecrow Festival. This was not an “Italian Job” but a quintessential English occasion. This bit of fun caught the imagination of Hepworthians and as with the flawless, silky rendition of Matt Monroe, it all came together beautifully.

The sun shone and all through the village, temporary residents emerged in front gardens, in varying interpretations of what a scarecrow co

uld be. From mermaids to pirates and crocodiles the spectrum was comprehensive. In one garden a whole family of scarecrows took up residence, while in the Churchyard, Eric was contemplating the meaning of life (a least that was my take on the situation). It was in some ways a pity that a winner had to be found but David and Carole after great difficulty plumped for “Bert on a bike” and he was indeed scary.

Now the traditions of Hepworth demand that an occasion like this cannot satisfactorily take place without a bun-fight, in fact it was a cream and strawberry tea served to perfection. During this Carole gave a very polished and entertaining resumé of all the contestants before presenting the Worzel Gummidge Cup to Ernie Potter. In truth we were all winners that day- every entrant was a “gem”, a big Well done to everybody, especially to those ladies of the village who made so much effort baking scones etc. (some of whom couldn’t actually attend on the day).

Then there was also the little matter of a 6-1 England win! Oh yes. On days like these!

Kussell Remp