Hepworth Art News – August 2022

We are back! In fact we have been back for a few months now and after tentative sessions where everyone was extremely cautious, we are only just now in full flow. Fingers firmly crossed!

Sadly, at the beginning of 2021, we lost a dear and long standing member, Peter Haddock, to Covid. We all miss him – his laugh and his unmistakable footsteps as he walked across the room to help offer help and useful tips to anyone who was stuck! His wife, Tama, has kindly donated his art materials to the club. It can’t have been easy for her and we much appreciate her kind gesture.

On a happier note, some long standing members celebrate milestone birthdays this year. In June we celebrated, June B’s special birthday. June has been with the art club almost as long as it has been in existence. Her exquisite water colour paintings and hand painted cards are always popular and sell like hotcakes at Hepworth Art exhibitions!

Along with a variety of topics, this year we embarked on another frieze project – local flora and fauna – which is now on display along the corridor in the Pavilion.

Incidentally we are planning our next exhibition:

10th and 11th September (10:30 – 4:30pm) at the Pavilion, Church Lane.

Original paintings galore at affordable prices (much nicer than massed produced prints!); Delicious cakes and savouries and refreshments will be available;

Looking forward to seeing you in September. wendy.summerell@btinternet.com Tel: 01359 244693;