Hepworth Art News – August 2023

Since the start of 2023 Hepworth Art Club has covered wide ranging subjects including Fire and Brimstone (a challenging subject suggested by David!), also scenes from a circus, portraits, in the garden, Winter Trees and daffodils all of which crept into the earlier programme. During the second quarter, we had something different when we explored ‘painting negative space(s)’. This particular process encourages the artist(s) to look only at the negative areas around, rather than focusing on, the actual subject. Theory has it that it encourages our brains to turn those negative areas into simple shapes – which generally are easier to draw. It helps bypass preconceived ideas that inevitably are the ‘go to’ mode of our brains! Another intriguing addition to this year’s painting calendar was ‘scribble art’!

As always review sessions are included each quarter. During reviews, all members are involved in decisions covering the club:s finances, general running and programme content. The aim of a cooperative approach throughout helps ensure the club runs smoothly and enjoyably for all. The most recent of our reviews included planning for the Art Exhibition in September which takes place in The Pavilion (village hall) on the weekend of 9 th and 10 th September.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our 12th Art Exhibition which will be showing over one hundred original pieces of artwork. We get enormous pleasure sharing with you our artistic efforts. Artwork will be for sale at extremely reasonable prices though we are more than delighted for you to spend a pleasant hour or two just browsing. Scrumptious refreshments will be available. Looking forward to seeing you on 9 th and/or 10 th September in The Pavilion, Church Lane and also in St Peter’s Church, Church Lane.

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