A Burns Night Tale (from January 27th 2018)

On a dark and wintry evening, who would guess the strange and wondrous happenings in quiet little Hepworth. Not so quiet in the Pavilion where some celebratory goings on were in full swing: Stripping the Willow, Dashing White Sargents and twirling Gay Gordons! All things Scottish was the order of the evening with tartan, heather, Haggis, music & dancing.
The event was a ‘sell out’ with tickets snapped up almost before the event was announced! When everyone had arrived, Clare paraded around the hall holding aloft a silver platter on which nestled submissively, a Haggis! Ian, with good grace, recited Robbie Burns “Ode to a Haggis” before plunging his sgian-dubh (!) into the steaming pudding. There followed a hearty meal of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, with Tipsy Laird Trifles and finishing, for those who had room, with a selection of Scottish Cheeses and oatcakes. The ambience, together with Whisky and wine, combined to set feet a-tapping and bodies atwirling – not always in the right direction I hasten to add!!. Our special thanks to Clare and her Hepworth2Enjoy volunteers for another enjoyable evening. Special thanks also to the super musician from Stanton Musicians. Looking forward to the next one already!