Burns Night in Hepworth

What a wonderful way to banish the January blues!

On January 28, in The Pavilion a little bit of Scotland descended on Hepworth! To the sounds of our very own village Piper, Monty, people arrived clad in various items of tartan! Monty and his wife and baby had recently moved into the village – so quite an induction! Our warm thanks for starting our event in style and best wishes to you and your family for a happy life in Hepworth.

Young, and not so young, had a delightful evening organised by Clare and her helpers. The Haggis was ceremoniously ‘piped’ into the hall by Monty and paraded so that everyone could catch a glimpse of it sitting submissively on its silver platter. Anne and Ian McMahon expertly started the evening off with the traditional grace followed by the address to the Haggis. As tradition dictates, Ian plunged the Dirk into the now drowsy Haggis! Once the deed was done, we enjoyed a meal of Haggis, Neeps and Mash – with a tasty whisky sauce. The sweet course was delicious tipsy laird cake followed by a platter of cheeses and Scottish oatcakes. Everyone brought with them, their favourite tipple for the evening.

So with hunger sated and a little tot or glass of wine, inhibitions were well and truly left outside the front door. With help from Anne and Ian, Clare,’coached’ everyone in a Hepworth version of Scottish dancing! We stripped some Willows, dashed off the Dashing White Sargeant and Twirled through the Gay Gordons – in unique style!

We had a full house this year, so make sure you book early for a place for next year. Good food, excellent value and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.