Hepworth – Help For All

During the current coronavirus crisis, Hepworth PC is putting together a support group working together to provide help to those in need. For example shopping, fetching medication, telephone calls for the isolated and lonely. We aim to do this in a safe manner with trusted individuals to minimise the risk of abuse to people in a time of vulnerability.

If you need help

Please contact the Parish Councils dedicated co-ordinators

Michelle Waterson 07828 767 548

Ann Marie Thomas 07875976007

We will then put you in touch with a named, local resident to assist.

Please do not hesitate to ask, whatever your situation. All communication will be dealt with sensitively,

Whilst we are organising a village-wide system, please continue to contact your friends and neighbours to support each other.

***** Scam Alert *****

Sadly, there will always be individuals who aim to profit from others’ misfortunes. Please use a trusted source of help and don’t give money or bank details to people calling at the door unannounced.

If you would like to volunteer to help please email clerk@hepworthvillage.co.ukwith your preferred contact number, home address, the task you are happy to complete and the area you can help with.

The Areas will be coordinated as follows;
*The Street
*Church Close & Church Lane
*Dunhill Lane, Clay Lane & Bury Road (A143).
*North Common
*Market Weston Road & Hepworth Road
*Beck Street

If you use our volunteers’ service here are some guidelines to follow:

The Resident should try to order and pay for goods directly with the supplier and instruct the Supplier who will be collecting the items. This reduces risk with handling cash.

Deliveries, the volunteer will:

  • Leave groceries on your door step.
  • They will knock on your door and walk 3 meters away from the door for social distancing, please do not answer the door until the Volunteer is 3 meters away.
  • If you do not wish to open the door whilst the Volunteer is present then just wave through the window acknowledging receipt of groceries.
  • As a precautionary measure, wipe the packaging of your groceries with soapy water and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Wash your hands before and after each delivery.
  • If you do own a pair gloves please wear them whilst receiving your groceries etc and routinely wash them with detergent.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms as described by the NHS, please contact your volunteer so they can take further steps to protect themselves when delivering your goods.


Up to date Information on the crisis can be found on these websites:





***Regularly re-visit these websites for any changes on advice.

If you’re on Facebook you can find our Parish Council page under

Hepworth Matters

We hope that we as a Community can help each other through this challenging time.

We are here to help.

Please note the Parish Council is facilitating this service but cannot be held responsible for misuse of the service.