Hepworth Weather

July 2019Max Temp36.6°C25th
Min Temp7.2°C3rd
Total Rainfall41.3mm
Wettest Day22.7mm27th
August 2019Max Temp32.4°C26th&27th
Min Temp8.3°C13th
Total Rainfall32mm
Wettest Day10.2mm14th

July 2019:

A warm month with rainfall slightly below average. A short but intense heatwave occurred between the 22nd and 26th. Day and night temperature records were broken at this station with a Max.of 36.6°C on the 25th, followed by a night Min.of 20.6°C on the 26th. This heatwave was remarkable because it was not associated with previous weeks of hot, dry weather. (eg. 1976, 2018) and because it happened during a period of relatively low pressure, yet there were long periods of strong sunshine but with a moderate SSE breeze. 55% of the months total rainfall fell on the 27th. The highest Max. of the month on the 25th and the lowest Max. of the month on the 27th (18.4°C) were within 48 hours of each other.

August 2019:

A dry and warm month with little soil moisture. There was much dust associated with combining and ploughing after harvest. 9th to 11th was a very windy period for a summer month, with a gust of 46 mph on the 10th and some local damage to trees and shrubs. 26th/27th, climax of short heatwave with a Max. temp of 32.4°C both days and 32.0°C on the 25th. For the summer months of June, July and August, there were 31 days when the temperature reached 25.0°C and above.