Hepworth Weather – July, August 2018

July 2018:Max. Temp:36.2C27th
Min. Temp:10.2C4th
Total Rainfall:36.4mm
Wettest Day:24.3mm27th
August 2018:Max. Temp:33.1C7th
Min. Temp:6.4C31st
Total Rainfall:49.7mm
Wettest Day:18.5mm9th

July 2018

Exceptionally hot, dry and sunny. The warmest month of any in my record
(2009) and the maximum temp. of 36.2C on the 27th was another record for
this station and probably rivalling the summer temperatures of 1976, 1995,
2003 and 2006. The nights, although warm, were comparatively cool
compared to local towns and cities. One of the benefits of living in a rural
location. The absence of rain throughout most of June continued in to July up
to the 26th. (47 consecutive days of no measurable rain). After the great heat
of the 27th came severe thunderstorms with frequent lightning on that
evening and 24.3mm of rain. In fact the month’s total rainfall (36.4mm) fell
between the 27th and 30th. Some stats for July: Average daily Max.
Temperature: 27.9C. 24 days it reached 25.0C or above, 10 of those were 30.0C
or above. An unprecedented month for daytime heat, caused by excessive
dryness of the ground leading to very rapid heating by the strong sunshine.

August 2018

The heat and sunshine of July continued for the first 7 days of August with a
daily average maximum of 30.5C. From the 8th onwards, daytime
temperatures gradually fell back to ‘normal’ August levels with rain and
showers returning, although it was still quite sunny. The last 8 days of the
month were rather cool for August with a wet Bank Holiday Sunday and a
Min. temperature of 6.4C on the 31st. Overall, rainfall was slightly below
average for August.

Kindly provided by Richard Hinton. See the latest weather and historical
Hepworth weather data at http://j.mp/HepworthWS