Hepworth Weather July & August 2020

July 2020:Max.Temp:33.2°C31st
Min. Temp:7.4°C21st
Total Rainfall:43.8mm
Wettest Day:8.9mm8th
August 2020:Max.Temp:35.3°C7th
Min. Temp:8.5°C31st
Total Rainfall:89.6mm
Wettest Day:29.7mm16th

July 2020: An often cloudy, rather sunless month. Temperature and rainfall were around average, although most of the rain fell in the first half of the month. On the 4th and 5th there were unusually strong winds for the time of year, with frequent gusts between 35 – 45 mph. On the 31st there was a remarkable ‘heat spike’ with a hot SSE wind blowing from Europe and a maximum temperature here of 33.2°C. Unusually, there were no thunderstorms here during the month.

August 2020: A warm, wet month with some very warm nights. From the 7th to the 12th, apart from the 8th, there were 5 days with maximum temperatures above 30°C. Very thundery on the 16th with very heavy rain in a short space of time. 22.9 mm fell in 15 minutes around midday! On the 25/26th, in the wake of storm ‘Francis’, a wind gust of 60 mph was recorded here with frequent gusts between 40 – 50 mph overnight. A record for August.