Hepworth Weather – March & April 2019

(as measured on The Street)

March 2019 Max. Temp: 19.2°C 30th
Min. Temp: -0.4°C 26th
Total Rainfall: 44.0mm
Wettest Day: 10.7mm 9th
April 2019 Max. Temp: 24.2°C 20th
Min. Temp: -2.2°C 12th
Total Rainfall: 7.4mm
Wettest Day: 2.4mm 7th

March 2019:

A mild month and the first month of the year to have near normal rainfall, the other two both being deficient in totals. However, 92% of the months total fell in the first half of March. A very ‘westerly’, windy month, especially the first half. On the 9th, a violent squall arrived around midday with heavy rain and hail and winds gusting to 63 mph. This was during a period of very strong winds up to the 16th, with frequent gusts of 40 – 50 mph.

April 2019:

An exceptionally dry month (continuing on from the second half of March) with only 17% of normal rainfall. The driest April since 2011. Now very concerning for farmers and growers. The first half of the month was rather cool with some night frosts. A dramatic change for the second half with mostly warm, frost free, sunny weather.

Kindly provided by Richard Hinton. See the latest weather and historical Hepworth weather data at http://j.mp/HepworthWS