Hepworth Weather – March & April

March 2022:Max . Temp:20.1ºC23rd
Min. Temp:-0.6ºC31st
Total Rainfall:23.1mm
Wettest Day:7.2mm4th
April 2022:Max. Temp:19.6ºC12th
Min. Temp:-2.8ºC3rd
Total Rainfall:5.8mm
Wettest Day:3.1mm3rd

March 2022: A dry, rather warm, calm month, dominated by large areas of high pressure. Precipitation was 59% of normal with many sunny days and some local slight frost at night. On the 16th, a small low pressure brought rain and a substantial fall of Saharan dust here in the afternoon and evening, drawn up by days of southerly winds and sandstorms in North Africa.

April 2022: Another exceptionally dry April with temperatures around the average. Precipitation was only 15% of average. There was a tendency for more frost than usual. Some damage was noted to various trees and shrubs. A passing ‘unnamed storm’ on the 7th gave a squally afternoon and a gust of 63 mph during a shower.