Hepworth Weather – September & October 2019

September 2019:Max. Temp:25.8°C22nd
Min. Temp:3.5°C18th
Total Rainfall:56.9 mm
Wettest Day:11.1 mm30th
October 2019:Max. Temp:19.1°C1st
Min. Temp:0.7°C28th
Total Rainfall:95.2 mm
Wettest Day:27.2 mm6th
September 2019:

A warm but rather wet month. Dry, the first half overall but very wet the last 7 days of the month, when 82% of the months total fell. No air or grass frost recorded during the month.

October 2019:

A wet month with average temperatures. October continued the trend of the last week of September. The 5th/6th gave periods of persistent heavy rain here with a total of 46.6 mm in 33 hours. Normally a months worth of rain! This caused widespread flash flooding in the area, with an intense muddy ‘run off’ from adjacent fields. The normally quiet stream along The Street rose to road level within 2 hours during the morning of the 6th. In the 12 years that I have lived here, I have not seen it rise so fast. 1 grass frost during the month (-0.4°C on the 28th). No air frost, consequently plenty of bloom in the garden at the months end.