Phylliss Marjorie Planton 100th Birthday on 2nd August 2020

Phylliss was born in Stanton on August 2 nd 1920 being the 3rd of 7 children to Ellen and Reginald Cammell. The family moved to Barningham in 1925 and then on to Hepworth 3 years later at the age of 8 where she has lived ever since. In the year 1940, aged 20, Phylliss left the family home in Red House Farm North Common Road to join the war effort in Lincolnshire at RAF Cranwell where she spent 5 years.

A year after leaving the RAF Phylliss married Frederick Planton and went on to have 4 children, Brenda, Lawrence, Malcolm and Jennifer, the family moved to 11 The Street in 1950, then on to 12 The Street in 1968 before moving to 15 The Street where Phylliss lives to this day. She has lived alone for 42 years following Fredericks passing on the 6th of April 1978.

As well as raising her family Phylliss worked on the local farms doing casual labour before spending 15 years at the local Mushroom Factory. Phylliss is a very loving Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma, and is dearly loved by all. Apart from the family Phylliss loves going out whenever possible, and prior to lockdown was still spending her Monday evenings with her friends at Stanton bingo.

Marjorie MacPherson:

Thanks to Malcolm Planton for providing this lovely tribute on behalf of the Planton family to celebrate his mother’s 100th birthday on 2nd August 2020. I am happy to have known her as Mrs Planton all my life and, as I share a name and being a N Common resident with her, feel that at my ancient age I can now address her as Phylliss.

I know I can speak on behalf of everyone in the village to tell Phylliss how proud we are to have her as our oldest resident and celebrate her 100th birthday with her. Hepworth Parish Council marked this with flowers from the village which I was privileged to take round to her on her special day at the family party.

Due to the Corvid 19 regulations the family celebration had to be held outside her bungalow but they had obviously put a lot of loving thought and effort into this as the gazebo was beautifully decorated with flowers, banners and, in pride of place, the birthday card from the Queen. The sun shone and Phylliss also had visits from village friends, and it was lovely to see her so happy and surrounded by so many generations of her family. Nothing had been overlooked and I was sent home with one of their boxed cream teas – thank you, Plantons

My personal endearing memories of Phylliss go back to my being a young teenager in the early 60s when one of the highlights of village life then was the Annual Church Fete. Reverend Radice always organised the ‘Ladies Ankle Competition’ (obviously different era!) as a bit of fun and we lined up behind a screen for judging- Phylliss usually won but I managed to win once but probably because she was not there.

I always recall her being very lucky with winning draw prizes there and one of my sister’s very earliest memories is of our mother running a ‘name the doll competition’ and foolishly letting Jane hold the doll in her pushchair – Phylliss correctly guessed the name and, of course, there was a lot of tears from my sister when she had to give it up! I hope this luck has followed Phylliss to her bingo sessions.

Being Hepworth’s oldest resident, Phylliss has willingly helped with commemorating special events in the village such as tree planting , and as the new village sign will soon be due to be installed will you be up for that as well please, Phylliss?

These are my special thoughts of a wonderfully independent 100 year old but on behalf of everyone in Hepworth may I wish her continued good health and happiness with her large and loving family.