Reflections on my experience of lockdown from Rev Neil Dear…

I’m of a generation who were alive during the Second World war, so the past six months are seen in the context of a fairly long life.

As the saying goes “life has its ups and downs”, and we all cope with these in various ways. Each of us will have found life difficult at times, for different reasons. For some, the death of loved ones, for others the loss of a job, or maybe not being able to meet up with friends causing loneliness, and for many of us not being able to worship together in church. In our daily lives Daphne and I have been greatly blessed by neighbours who have cared for us by collecting prescriptions, doing supermarket shopping, and collecting milk and greengroceries from the farm shop. Our children have still been able to keep in touch by telephone, and our youngest daughter has got us using Skype !! Through TV we have been able to join in the services at Cathedrals in Bangor, Hereford and St David’s and also at a church in Manchester. I have been able to read the emails from Bishop Martin, and eventually re-join Benefice Services through live streaming. I shall have to concentrate on improving my I.T skills !!

Over the past few weeks we have been able to have visits from each of our children. We have had haircuts at last and a visit to the chiropodist and began to do some of her own shopping. Our services have started again in church, subject of course to the rules. So, we are beginning to settle into a new normal.

During lockdown I have survived a rather lethargic period and have been able to read more. The most helpful book has been one I used when training as a Reader. It’s called “The Path to Glory” thank you (studies in St Luke’s gospel). I believe that whenever we read the story of Jesus, we are led to what’s important in life. We are reminded of the loving father who wants us to have life, and have it in all fullness.

Jesus summed it up in the words, love God and love your neighbour. Despite all the ups and downs, we are still able to do both.

With every blessing

Neil Dear