Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Dear Reader,

firstly I must apologise for the lack of scarecrow outside our house for this annual ‘funfest’. Unfortunately he got pinged and had to go into isolation! There again, isn’t that just what this pandemic has done to us, made us afraid to mix with other people? Luckily, the rest of the scarecrow fraternity obviously tested negative, were double jabbed and positively extrovert to boot. Holey Moley, even the moles were getting in on the act.

This year the scarecrows were even better than ever before, which is saying something as the standards were already high. Coupled with a family picnic day it brought the village together, with new faces to meet, which is what these events are all about. Nobody cared about the lack of sunshine, Hepworth was back in business, thanks to the efforts of our caring Parish Council. Mick The Baker and his group provided the main entertainment, which with a huge bouncy castle for the kids was just what the doctor ordered. Half way through the afternoon, a super draw with prizes donated by the Parish Councillors themselves was held. The proceeds being split between the P.C. for topping up future village events and the British Heart Foundation. All enjoyed by families with well behaved children and equally appealing dogs.

Last of the Summer Wine this may have been, and some of the cast looked like they may have had a few sips, luckily there was an arresting character on hand to ensure everything finished well. The great thing about these events is the contribution made by youngsters and Chloe Peters won the children’s prize with Matilda and Pirate Jim Lad, complete with an impressive piece of prose. The Iron Man demonstrated that he wasn’t ready for the scrapheap yet and took third prize. Walking the Dog earned second place, which left Steph Arnold’s All Potted Out! to carry off the Worzel Gummidge Cup for the second year running. Congratulations Steph!

A big THANK YOU to all who organised and took part for the third time, and yes, right at the end we did get all of about five minutes sun. It’s a pity the scarecrows couldn’t hang about for longer, but with the winter wheat soon to be sown they have a busy time ahead.

Keep on socialising,

Russell K. with help from Tina.

PS. It would be remiss of me not to mention our recent sad loss of lovely, lovely Una Stubbs, the definitive Aunt Sally. Both at once beguiling and exasperating!

Poor old Worzel never stood a chance!