I was a scarecrow many a year,
No soul to give me a cheery word,
No one to love and no one to care
Till I found you, my beautiful bird.

My heart was empty, just filled with straw,
When out of the blue this song I heard,
I felt a glowing not felt before
When I saw you, my beautiful bird.

I was so weary out on the hill,
All tattered and torn, looking absurd,
Lonely and cold, frustrated, until
You came along, my beautiful bird.

And now I have vowed to change my ways,
Love you forever, you have my word;
And cherish you all our golden days,
My tender, loving, beautiful bird.

This poem is reproduced with the kind permission of the author (and Hepworth resident), Bernard Howlett, Breckland Poet, from his book “Pages of Time”, ISBN 978-0-9559311-3-0