Trees for Hepworth

I would like to introduce myself to you; I’ve been the Tree Warden for Hepworth over the past year and would like to identify places in the parish where trees and hedges could be planted with the landowner’s permission. Volunteers could help in this process. The trees and hedging will be supplied by the organization, ‘I Dig Trees’, grown in Britain, using seed collected in the UK from native species.

As the Tree Warden for the parish I was invited to attend the annual East Anglia Tree Warden regional forum being held at Cockfield this year, the meeting was well attended.

It focuses on making trees matter to people; more trees, of the right kind, in the right places; better care for all trees of all ages and inspiring effective action for trees. It works with its national volunteer Tree Warden Scheme and member organisations to engage people in biodiversity and environmental issues and to promote planting and conservation of trees and woods in town and country.

At the forum, we heard of many plantings of woods etc. at parish levels over East Anglia. In the afternoon, we had a guided walk to have a look at Cockfield’s impressive creation of their wildlife areas along the old railway line and surrounding land.

I have been a resident in Hepworth since boyhood and during that time there’s been many changes; the disappearance of hedgerows, trees and spinneys, also witnessing the demise of the Elm, which once thrived on our landscape. With now the threat to other species such as the Ash die back and looking at the age of many trees on the outskirts of the village, you will find some are in their final years, particularly the oaks in Market Weston road. I believe it will be beneficial if the parish had a commitment to undertake a plan to plant trees for the future generations to appreciate together with wildlife.

It would be good practise to use native seed from local trees to grow young seedlings for future planting, although these seedlings will take time to establish for transplanting. It is great to see work has already begun from the new owners of a parcel of land bordering Dunhill Lane, who have had the insight, (given the outlines coming from government regarding farming subsidies in the future) to allow the hedge and young Oak trees to re-establish, from the ancient hedge that once flourished there, hopefully giving inspiration for others to follow suit.

If you would like to offer any suggestions or would be able to volunteer any help I will glad to hear from you, please contact me at:

Peregrine Penn