Weather for January and February 2022

January 2022:Max. Temp:14.8C1st
Min. Temp:-2.7C6th
Total Rainfall:21.5mm
Wettest Day:6.0mm2nd
February 2022:Max. Temp: 15.2C16th
Min. Temp:-0.8C11th
Total Rainfall:60.4mm
Wettest Day:8.4mm20th

January 2022: A dry, rather benign month with temperatures about average, dominated by strong high pressure after the first 10 days and for the rest of the month. Frosts were frequent but only ‘slight’. Very windy last day of the month.

February 2022: Remarkably mild and very stormy month. Mean temperature was 2.4C above the average and an average wind speed of 10 mph, making it the most windy month in my record. (2009) Overall, it was a wet month but with no particular heavy rainfall. Frost was infrequent with only one air frost. Notable wind gusts were 55 mph from Storm ‘Corrie’ on the 1st ; 69 mph from Storm ‘Eunice’ on the 18th ; wind gusts over 60 mph from Storm ‘Franklin’ on the 21st. A narrow but very active ‘line squall’ moving south eastwards across East Anglia in the early evening of the 20th brought a gust of 75 mph with torrential rain.