Weather for November and December 2020

November 2020:Max. Temp:17.7°C1st
Min. Temp:-1°C26th
Total Rainfall:34.9 mm
Wettest Day:11.9 mm14th
December 2020:Max. Temp:13.11°C21st
Min. Temp:-2.8°C31st
Total Rainfall:110.3 mm
Wettest Day:34.4 mm23rd

November 2020:

A mild, dry month. Apart from a strong squall on the 2nd with a wind gust of 55 mph, the month was rather cloudy and benign. There were 4 days of morning mist and fog. Light winds predominated with little frost.

December 2020:

Exceptionally wet month with temperatures around average. On the 7th there was freezing fog with thick ‘rime’ on vegetation and a windchill factor of -6°C at 9 am. On the 23rd, periods of persistent heavy rain led to extensive flooding with the ground already waterlogged. The stream along The Street rose quickly and burst its banks in many places over the road, in the south of the village with major flooding in the north of the village by the end of the day. Christmas and the New Year ended the month on a drier note.