Weather for September & October 2020

September 2020:Max. Temp:29.6°C15th
Min. Temp:6.3°C26th
Total Rainfall:55.4 mm
Wettest Day:12.4 mm23rd
October 2020:Max. Temp:17.4°C20th
Min. Temp:5.1°C10th
Total Rainfall:90.0 mm
Wettest Day:10.7 mm7th

September 2020:

A rather warm month with rainfall slightly above average. 87% of the months total falling from the 23rd onwards. From the 23 – 25th, heavy showers and periods of heavy rain gave a rain total of 37.2 mm accompanied by very strong northerly winds on the 24/25th. During the 22 – 25th there was a remarkable ‘pattern’ change in the weather, in a short space of time. Max. Temp on the 22nd was 25.8°C, down to 17.0°C on the 24th and down to 10.4°C on the 25th.

October 2020:

A dull, wet month with temperatures around average. There were only 2 ‘dry’ days out of the whole month. With no air or ground frost recorded during the month, the garden was still very much in bloom at the end of the month.