Weather in July and August 2021

July 2021: Max. Temp: 31.2ºC 18th
Min. Temp: 8.9ºC 16th
Total Rainfall: 42.2mm
Wettest Day: 11.2mm 27th
August 2021: Max. Temp: 25.7ºC 11th
Min. Temp: 7.6ºC 4th
Total Rainfall: 21.9mm
Wettest Day: 4.9mm 22nd

July 2021

A rather warm, slightly drier month than normal. However, rainfall was very localised due to slow moving showers and thunderstorms, especially during the last seven days of the month. On the 25th in the afternoon, a thunderstorm produced 24 mm in an hour at Barningham but only 0.5 mm was recorded here. A very warm, quite sunny spell occurred around mid-month, otherwise it was a case of sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons.

August 2021

A cool, exceptionally dull and overcast month. The dullest August in my record (2009). However, it was also very dry with rainfall only 31% of normal. Persistent north or north easterly winds brought cloud and drizzle off the North Sea through the greater part of the month. There were no days of ‘wall to wall’ sunshine!