Weather for January and February 2021

January 2021:Max. Temp:12°C19th
Min. Temp:-3°C9th
Total Rainfall:83.9 mm
Wettest Day:16 mm27th
Febaury 2021:Max. Temp:16.8°C24th
Min. Temp:-4.3°C10th
Total Rainfall:41.2 mm
Wettest Day:9.8 mm6th

January 2021:

8th – 10th: freezing fog, haze and ice at morning observation. 16th: 1cm of lying snow at morning observation. 21st: active cold front gave 60 mph gust during squall at 01:40. A cold, wet month. Frequent frosts, though not severe.

February 2021:

Short cold spell during the 2nd week. Warm, sunny spell during the last week of the month. 8th: ‘Ice Day’ Max. Temp -1.2°C with snow and strong Easterly winds. 9 cm of snow by the 9th. Complete change of ‘pattern’ from the 17th to much milder weather