Coronation thanks

On behalf of the committee we would like to thank all the people who attended the celebrations on May 8th at the village Pavilion.

We all enjoyed an afternoon tea, as you will see from the photos, and watching the children’s games in action was wonderful, especially them all sitting on the grass in a circle having a game of “royal” pass the parcel!… Read the whole story

We were terribly lucky and had at least 24 children trying to decipher the little clues around the village, thanks to Charlotte’s wonderful questions, they all seemed to be busy in little groups trying to find the various answers to the clues.… Read the whole story

Thanks to the extremely excellent work by Terry Andrew’s making the most beautiful noticeboard for the church, and the great engraving of the lettering “St Peters Hepworth” by Richard Argent, Hepworth is now the proud owner of the most magnificent Church Notice Board.… Read the whole story

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