David Stannard Retirement

After 25 years’ service, and 15 years as Chairman, David Stannard is to officially retire from Hepworth Parish Council on 9th May 2019.

David first moved to Hepworth with his wife Geraldine and daughter Tracy in April 1981. He worked for the Merchant Navy until 1984, when for medical reasons, he was forced to change career. He became a ‘Handy Man’ Builder, whose expertise was soon sought after in the construction of a new village hall in 1988.

On the eve of his departure, David wanted to express his gratitude to the people of Hepworth and county governance support: “The help we received from the Borough and County Councillors over the years has been excellent; they have been really helpful to us.” “But most importantly of all, I appreciate all the help my Parish Council colleagues and villagers have assisted with over the years, they made my job so much easier.”

When asked about what David likes most about Hepworth, he said: “I just like the community spirit, everybody in the village is ever so friendly, it’s nice to walk down the street and everyone says ’hello,’ it’s just a nice village community.”

As a token of recognition, at the Hepworth Annual Parish Meeting, David was presented with a Suffolk Association of Local Councils Long Service Award, by West Suffolk County Councillor Joanna Spicer.

Written by Callum Alexander (Dave’s grandson)