Hepworth Speedwatch News – February 2019

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Along The Street:
November 2018: 1 Session, 5 vehicles logged. Max speed = 44 mph
December 2018: 1 Session, 2 vehicles logged. Max speed = 36 mph

Although we have had the Speed Indicator Device (SID) operational for several months this is the first general report of the data gathered for the month of 8th Dec to 8th Jan. The data obtained was from Incoming traffic at the A143 end of the village.

Total number of vehicles: – 10617.
Average number of daily vehicles (excluding Sundays) 450
Average speed for ALL vehicles during the month:- 33mph
No. of incidents of 40mph to 50mph:- 1099
No. of incidents of 50mph to 60mph:- 35
No. of incidents of 60mph to 70mph:- 2
Highest two speeds recorded:- 61mph and 68mph

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