Hepworth Weather for November and December 2021

November 2021Max. Temp:15.6°C9th
Min. Temp:-1.7°C29th
Total Rainfall:29.9 mm
Wettest Day:14.0 mm27th
December 2021Max. Temp:14.9°C30th
Min. Temp:-2.1°C22nd
Total Rainfall:66.0 mm
Wettest Day:16.4 mm9th

November 2021:

A dry month, most of the precipitation falling in the second half. Temperatures were around average. Cold snap with overnight frosts and some sleet/snow during the last 7 days of the month.

December 2021:

A mild, rather wet month with precipitation more or less evenly distributed throughout the month. No true cold or hard frosts. In fact the last 3 days of the month were exceptionally mild: 13.9°C (29th) 14.9°C (30th) 14.4°C (31st). An overnight minimum of 12.4°C occurred on the 31st . A respectable minimum for June!