News from the School

Headteacher – Miss Hunter

Last term, at Barningham CEVC Primary school, work began on the underpinning of the Victorian part of the building. The Badger classroom was suffering from subsidence and this had caused additional problems for the school and needed urgent repair.

The builders and contractors have been working tirelessly to fix this through underpinning the building, as well as being such a kind and friendly team who have supported the children in so many ways. One class were so excited when the builders shared some small fossils that they had found beneath the building; this attention to the fact that they are working in a primary school has meant it has been a pleasure to have them on our site.

However, despite their hard work, we have had delays to the work being completed which has impacted on the school and the local community in many ways. From reduced exits and entrances to the site, increased traffic and parked cars on Bardwell Road as well as heavy machinery (and mud!) moving through the village, I know that the impact isn’t only felt by us in school.

I want to personally thank everyone in the local community for their patience during this building work as I know that this prolonged disruption hasn’t been easy for the children, parents, staff and residents of Barningham. Our new completion date is due to be at the end of January and we look forward to returning the school and village to some normality. However, the essential work that the builders and contractors have carried out for the school will mean that Barningham CEVC Primary School will continue to stand the test of time and maintain it’s Victorian heritage for years to come.