Weather for March&April 2020

March 2020Max. Temp:16.0°C17th
Min. Temp:-0.7°C26th
Total Rainfall:18.5 mm
Wettest Day:5.2 mm9th
April 2020Max. Temp:25.2°C12th
Min. Temp:-2.3°C1st
Total Rainfall:24.3 mm
Wettest Day:6.5 mm29th

March 2020:

A very dry and sunny month with daytime temperatures slightly above average. The 21st to 27th, there was almost unbroken sunshine by day. Hail and snow showers occurred on the morning of the 29th.

April 2020:

Very mild, very sunny and exceptionally dry, except for the last 4 days of the month. Month dominated by easterly or southerly winds. A sharp and the only frost occurred on the 1st. Huge 24 hour range of maximum temperatures over Easter. Sunday 12th 25.2°C, Monday 13th 9.4°C, 15.8°C difference. Record for any month in any year at this station. Last 4 days of the month produced 80% of the months total rainfall.