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Device No. 1 at the A143 end of The Street
8 weeks from 31st December to 26th February.

Vehicles arriving into village from the A143:
Total number of vehicles: – 23927
Average speed for ALL vehicles:- 33 mph
Total number of vehicle speeds above 30 mph:- 7128 (29.79%)
No.… Read the whole story

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Since the start of the virus outbreak Suffolk County Council have supplied 219 organisations (not the NHS) in Suffolk with :

• 210,000 Facemasks
• 250,000 Gloves

• 170,000 Aprons
• 30,000 clinical waste bags

We are working as closely as possible with all care home settings and agencies – but although we fund many of the placements, we do not actually run any of them.… Read the whole story

Covid-19 Ramblings

Whilst Covid 19 has brought much anxiety to many, bereavement to thousands, loss of business, loneliness and isolation, it has also produced heroic actions from our Doctors and Nurses, immense kindness and thoughtfulness in our neighbours, incredible generosity in all those who donated to Major Tom’s wonderful fundraising activity for the NHS, and it has given all of us the opportunity to slow down and appreciate our friends and family, our beautiful planet and life itself.… Read the whole story

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