Weather for September and October

September 2021:Max. Temp:29.9°C7th
Min. Temp:6.5°C30th
Total Rainfall:47mm
Wettest Day:16.6mm19th
October 2021:Max. Temp:20.7°C19th
Min. Temp:2.4°C13th
Total Rainfall:104.1mm
Wettest Day:26.9mm4th

September 2021

A warm, rather dry month, particularly the first ten days, with plenty of sunshine. Cooling off and rather cloudy towards the month’s end.

October 2021

A warm, very wet month. There were two short distinct periods of heavy rainfall. The first 5 days of the month (Total = 49.8 mm) and 18th to 20th (Total = 46.3 mm). This was 92% of the month’s total. The rest of the month was dry. Flooding was not an issue due to the previous dry months. The month’s warmth encouraged plants and shrubs to bloom to the end of it and right up to, as I write (14/11/21), with a bee seen on a fuchsia early this morning!