Macmillan Coffee Morning

David and Carol would like to thank you all for your fabulous support at their 2021 coffee morning for Macmillan.

An enormous


was raised for this amazing cause, and thanks go to all who attended and donated items and baking on the day, and of course our extremely generous sponsors and all our helpers!… Read the whole story

Bonfire Night Plans?

a firework

If you have plans to let off any fireworks on or around bonfire night (or any other time of year), many residents would greatly appreciate knowing ahead of time so that they can look after themselves, their families or their pets and livestock in advance of any displays (small or otherwise).… Read the whole story

Travels Downunder – A reminiscence

Part 4

We left our intrepid travellers in Tamworth, the heart of the Australian country music scene, along with a BIG guitar…

It is estimated that there are up to 250,000 grey nomads travelling around Australia at any one time and by now we were beginning to feel that we had genuinely joined them and become accepted, albeit as Poms.… Read the whole story

Speedwatch Team

Speedwatch Logo

Along The Street:

July 2021:
August 2021:
1 sessions 1 vehicles logged
2 sessions 12 vehicles logged
max speed = 36 mph
max speed = 41 mph

For more information about Speedwatch, or to get involved,
call Richard on 251 484 or 07979745990… Read the whole story

Speedwatch Devices

Speedwatch Logo

Device No. 1 at the A143 end of The Street

7 weeks from 8th July to 25th August 2021.

Vehicles arriving into village from the A143:

Total number of vehicles: – 22280
Average speed for ALL vehicles:- 33mph
Total number of vehicle speeds above 30 mph:- 7526 (33.78%)
No.… Read the whole story

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